KEVIN GALLAGHER:  Dobro/Mando/Guitar/Composer:


KEVIN GALLAGHER is Nina's duo partner in “The Rumblin’s”’. He is an instrumentalist and composer from Bergenfield, NJ where he was inspired by the fine musicians there. He learned to play guitar at age 13 and mastered the steel guitar and mando in high school when he became enamored with bluegrass. He studied music theory and jazz in New Jersey’s Ramapo College as well as at Golden West College in CA where he became interested in classic rock, folk and Irish folk. He has played in numerous bands including "The Sophistacats", "Birch Creek", "Bluebird", "Cotton Hollow Rising" and "Allendale Rose". He's performed in venues such as Connecticut's Sounding Board, The Vanilla Bean and The Buttonwood Tree. Kevin currently performs with the groups "Sweetheart Mountain", "The Portables" and "Nina & The Rumblings".


NINA AND THE QUARRY CATS - Nina Romanenko performed with long time friend and music mentor, Kent Aldrich on first guitar and Nina's husband Mike Harrison on bass for several years.  A hand injury prevents Mike from playing the bass now - but he's still part of the scene by roadying at gigs and Kent still makes appearances with Nina.  Lots of fun and laughter along with great original and old timey tunes.




Nina Romanenko and longtime friend - singer, songwriter and guitarist Sharon Howard collaborate whenever their busy schedules allow.  Beautiful harmonies and fun times!




A trio formed by Carolyn Brodginski along with friends, Diane Koz and Nina Romanenko - originally to do a benefit for the East Hampton, CT Food Pantry.   Pretty harmonies and lots of fun!




CECE BORJESON has performed with Nina & The Rumblin’s.  She is a multi-instrumentalist and accomplished singer, playing solo, duo (with Ruth George), and with several bands (Birch Creek, Cotton Hollow Rising, Allendale Rose, The Rumblings and the Portables). Her discography includes 4 Cds (Shadows and Light, The Cost of Freedom, Hearts in Harmony and Perennials).

ELLEN IOVINO:   Bass/Percussion/Vocals:


ELLEN IOVINO has performed with Nina & The Rumblin's. Her  dynamic vocals and percussive guitar style are often combined with tap dancing  various instrumentation including harmonica, trumpet, steel drum and more....  Ellen had performed alongside her late husband - Larry Ruhl -singer/songwriter/dancer and multi-Instrumentalist  - for over 15 years. He passed away suddenly in 2017 and lives on in the hearts of the many who knew and loved him. She brings his legacy to new audiences and honors his memory and meaningful songs by including them in her performances.  

LYNN TRACY: Guitar/Drums/Vocals:

Lynn Tracey  

LYNN TRACEY has performed with Nina & The Rumblin's.  A master guitarist - she performs in a variety of groups including genres of Bossanova, Jazz, Rock, Blues, Pop and Musicals and also leads her own Big Band - the “East Coast Hop Orchestra”. She has performed with local greats including Nicki Mathis, Joe Carter, Hannah’s Field, and Ellen Iovino and has shared the stage with David Stoltz, Walt Gwardyak, Alvin Carter Jr. and Sr., and other great artists.